you’ve got the power

heart-4A few years ago, a patient came in with some unexplained symptoms. She’d been to the hospital twice, and even had a small surgery that didn’t help the problem. Tough as that was, she’d also gotten some bad news on a related genetic test. You can imagine she was pretty scared.

I told her: “Epigenetics is your friend.

Translated: Your genes are not your destiny. Your choices can protect against, prevent or override the genetic cards in your hand.

With that in mind, I was gratified to read a New York Times story confirming the power of lifestyle choice on health outcomes — even with uncongenial genes. more “you’ve got the power”

the single girl’s guide to eating alone

Eating is not optional. But when it’s just you, it becomes so easy to let things slide. You eat out. You skip meals. You call cereal dinner.

To some extent, this happens to anyone living alone. People Who Cook can reframe their thinking and find the joy in solo cooking. It’s harder for The Rest of Us.

For a brief, partnered time, I was sort of a Person Who Cooked. And then we split up. And I was once again a Single Grrrl Eating Alone.

I’ve had plenty of time to mine the pitfalls of this lifestyle: brain fog, fatigue, fluctuating weight, mood and blood sugar. And over the years I’ve developed some food strategies to manage those pitfalls.

I know these challenges are not unique to me, and I’m here to share my solutions.

I’m not likely to become a Person Who Cooks for the fun of it. But I have become someone who puts together healthy, nourishing food that supports my overall well being. I hope my strategies can help you, too.