Dr. Orna’s Immune Resilience Action Guide

Medicine isn’t just what you get at a doctor’s office. Medicine is in our kitchens, our gardens, our grocery stores and our natural surroundings. Grab my free Immune Resilience Action Guide to help you and your loved ones stay strong during these intense times.

How do we do this? We work on maximizing our physical and emotional health so we can flex and adapt and fight if we have to. The name of the game resilience, the ability to bounce instead of breaking (even if bouncing may hurt.)

Note that I’m not talking about “boosting” immunity.

We want to make sure our immune systems are robust and able to do exactly what we want them to: ramp up to fight pathogens and then calm down again when the threat is past.

The 10 tips in this guide are ones I recommend to all my patients — and use myself. I hope you find them helpful.

Grab your copy here.


—Dr. Orna