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Why should I do a detox program?

Most detox programs and “cleanses” are about scaring you into buying things. I tend to share the view of my colleague Dr. Mahalia Fried, who one New Year’s Day wrote: “You are not dirty, you do not need to cleanse.”

Some people, of course, have extreme exposures or genetic impediments to healthy detoxifications. Those people should work directly with a trained practitioner who specializes in addressing those concerns.


But what about all the toxic exposures from just being alive in this world?

Before going into medicine, I spent 12 years as a journalist covering environmental issues. I know how bad it is. During our environmental medicine class in med school, my classmate laughed at me for always pointing out how much worse it was than what the professor was telling us. My classmate looked over at me one day and said, “You’re a buzzkill. I’m going to call you Buzz.” These days, you can find me online as Dr. Buzzkill, in addition to my clinic and wellness sites.

My point: I know it’s pretty bleak out there.

But you know what? Nature is resilient, and bodies are resilient. If we treat them well, they will do amazing things — including detoxifying an awful lot of nasty stuff. (See above for caveats where medical care is important.)


So why are you offering a detox program?

That’s an excellent question, and one I asked myself for years before launching.

Detox isn’t just about eliminating bad things. It can also be about making space for healthy new things.

I’m offering a detox program because:

  1. People have momentum for self care at certain times of the year. Why not leverage that energy into something that will really make a difference?
  1. Devoting a month to making intentional change in your life is a good thing. Clearing things out — whether that’s food choices or cigarettes or social-media excesses or thought patterns — creates room for the things we really value.
  1. I have something to offer.
  1. The word “detox” caught your eye, didn’t it? And clicking over to this page maybe got you thinking about something you hadn’t before.


Why a flower-essence detox program?

Of all the treatments I use in my medical practice, the one where I’ve found the most magic for patients is flower essences. As one of my most effective medical mentors says, flower essences are the most powerful treatment tools we have.

If my idea of detoxification is about helping folks take a break from or let go of things that aren’t serving them, then what better way to help than by supporting their thoughts and ideas around these things?

This program can work on its own or support other practices that fall into the “detox” category. Add it to a program like The Whole 30. Or an exercise challenge. Or 30 meetings in 30 days (ask for the alcohol-free version.) Or to a month of simple eating. Or to a social-media sabbath. Or getting over a breakup. Combine it with a yoga or meditation practice, or bring it with you on a retreat.


What are flower essences?

Flower essences are similar to, and in some cases overlap with, homeopathy. Created from flowers (and sometimes from gemstones) using a special infusing technique, these drops work on an almost spiritual level to create seamless changes to further your healing. A successful prescription often feels like an invisible return to functionality — so much so that many people forget what their original issue was.


Do flower essences even work?

Yes, they do. But don’t take my word for it. Read a couple of written testimonials Or check out this video testimonial.


Why are there only flower essences in this detox program? Don’t I need lots of supplements, and maybe coffee enemas?

I first outlined this detox program in December 2010 and promptly got stuck. What were the most effective supplements that would also be safe without extensive medical supervision? Should I cobble together the supplements I think are most important? Should I go with an off-the-shelf solution? Did there have to be shakes involved?

In the fall of 2013, I gave a talk in Anchorage called “Detox Demystified.” The idea was to lay out the basic concepts — our toxic world, our intelligent bodies, how we can best take care of ourselves.

Every time I do a version of that presentation I’m reminded of my basic belief about detox: Your body is wise and will take care of you — if you take care of it.

That said, it’s often our minds that impede our healing. Our bodies know how to transform hormones and chemicals into substances we can remove through the usual organs of elimination. But thoughts and emotions can also get stuck, and we sometimes need help moving those through. As my wise counselor friend Don André says, “toxic thinking is a hazardous waste.”

And that’s where flower essences come in. If you change your mind, you can change your life — and that’s very literally true. Flower essences help you see through and move past things that have kept you stuck. I have seen this work so reliably in my practice that I want to share this possibility with more people. Which is why you’re here.


Can I combine this with a more physiological detox?

Yup. This was designed to complement whatever other positive, systemic steps you might be taking for your health.


Why are there four combination essences?

Maybe you’ve noticed there are certain mental stages that accompany a new endeavor. At first you’re excited! Then you wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into, and whether you can maintain it. At some point you start getting into the meat of the thing. And then comes the high of actual accomplishment. This program was designed to help support each of those stages.


Does it have to take a full month?

Nope. But I think you’ll get more out of it if you give it four full weeks.


Does it have to take only one month?

Nope. You can stretch out each section as long as you like. And if you need to go back to a previous remedy, you’re welcome to do so.


What if I want to do something more?

Go for it!

This fall I’m working on my “Book of Gentle Detox,” which will offer many easy, inexpensive home practices to help clear your body and your mind of impediments to health. Folks doing this program will get some of those materials as I develop them.


Who shouldn’t do this program?

Flower essences are generally very safe. They don’t interact with any medications, or make overt changes to your biochemistry. You can take them while breastfeeding, on chemotherapy or with homeopathic remedies.

The one caveat is that they can open up emotions, and we aren’t always read to face those. If you have mental-health challenges, please discuss this with your doctor so they can help you if issues arise.

If you have an active or historical eating disorder or bipolar disorder, please have a health-care provider in your corner before doing any food-based detox program. If you have a personal history of alcoholism or other substance abuse, just ask for alcohol-free formulas. (These will have a shorter shelf life.)

It’s always best to check in with your primary medical or mental-health provider before embarking on new health programs.


Who are you, anyway?

I’m an herbalist, registered with the American Herbalists Guild, and a naturopathic physician licensed in Oregon. You can see my training on my about page.

I’ve studied flower essences formally as part of both my herbal and medical education. In 2013 I completed an intensive 7-day Flower Essence Practitioner Training with Steve Johnson in Homer, Alaska. I have treated patients with flower essences since my medical school internship and use them regularly in my clinical practice in Portland, Oregon.



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