change your mind, change your life

Do you ever find your thoughts getting in the way of your life? That ideas you have about how things should be prevent you from doing the things you know you want or need to do? Have you ever thought that if you could just change your mind you could change your life?

Of all the treatments I’ve used in my medical practice, the most magic I’ve seen comes from using flower essences to address exactly this. Created from flowers using a simple infusing and dilution technique, these drops can create almost seamless changes to further your healing. A successful prescription often feels like an invisible return to functionality — so much so that many people forget what their original issue was.

One of my earliest patients came to me for general health, including treatment of anxiety that sometimes prevented him from working. When we checked in after several months, he didn’t mention it. So I asked. It had literally evaporated to the point where he’d forgotten about it.

My patients use flower essences to ease lifestyle changes, stop nightmares, stay strong in the face of stress, maintain healthy emotional boundaries, let go of ideas that impede them, and release negative emotions that hinder their health.

Here’s how one formula helped my patient Susan:

“The flower essence formula helped me quiet the past that haunted me. I carried a great deal of grief; sometimes I think I was born grieving. The flower essence somehow took all my grief and placed it in perspective. It is not always walking with me. I know that the grief is still there. I just know that is is under control and not consuming me. I know that I am no longer a captive, I am free just to be me.” — Susan

To take an essence, patients use four drops in water or under their tongue a few times every day. They’re easy to use, and are safe to combine with any medications or other supplements.

I find a very significant lowering of my anxiety levels almost immediately after taking the flower essence, and I notice the changes almost immediately. Having that constant input of wellbeing seems to work really well for me. There’s also ease of use, where you just can put the drops under your tongue or into a glass of water. And unlike much naturopathic stuff it doesn’t taste horrible. (Laughs.) — G. 48-year-old male

This is part of many treatment plans in my Portland medical practice (and if you’re in the neighborhood, you’re always welcome to make an appointment in person!) I’m now making essence consultations available online. It’s not a substitute for professional medical care, and you should always check in with your primary-care provider before adding to or changing your regimen. But essences can help make that care more effective.

Because when you change your mind, you change your life.

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Mimulus flower essence is used for specific kinds of fears.